The Rumble


The Rumble May BR Cover — 4


NEW LP “Less Medicine” OUT MAY 12th 2017

Thomas Coles – Guitar-Vocals-Lyrics

Luke Thomson – Guitar-Vocals

T-bone Miller – Drums-Vocals

Wayne Garette – Bass

The Rumble aren’t your run-of-the-mill rock and roll louts: they’re a tour de force, what would have happened if Gram Parsons had died in the arms of Patti Smith instead of alone in Joshua Tree; they’re a subterranean, mutanoid Ziggy Stardust obsessed with chasing girls instead of stars; they’re Scandinavian leather pressed into hot flesh on an eternal summer night; they’re a grinning mouthful of razor blades that wants to turn the dance floor inside-out. Load up on PBRs and head into the big-top, The Rumble are coming to take you away.”

-Sebestian Buzzalino, Unfolding Creative Photography


The Rumble is a four piece rock and roll band based in Calgary Alberta. Diversity and showmanship have been the main reasons The Rumble has continued to draw crowds in the bands short existence. The four members of The Rumble have a similar idea of what a good rock and roll show should be like, while they draw inspiration from different genres. Thomas Coles (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) sings lyrics varying from soft and heartfelt to silly and belligerent. Travis Miller (drums) is proudly introduced to audiences as the loudest drummer in the world, drawing everyone’s attention no matter how big or small the venue is. Wayne Garrette (bass) is a true musical encyclopaedia and he can tie the rhythm section together throughout the frantic change of pace that a Rumble set involves. Luke Thomson (lead guitar and backup vocals) gives The Rumble a rough and rootsy edge, drawing his sound mostly from country and blues music. From one song to another, The Rumble could be defined as punk, blues, country, reggae, soul, garage, fuzz, even easy listening.